It’s Time to Teach Ourselves and Our Children About America’s Founding, Founding Documents, Traditions, and Treasures!

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 In the Bill of Rights, the Framers Gave to Me

Everyone's Guide to the Constitution: Our Founding Document Outlined and Described so You Can Read  it, Understand it, and Teach it to Others 

Welcome to my Bingo for Patriots site! This site is all about celebrating America, and learning about the founding of this exceptional nation! The Founding is filled with fascinating individuals, information, and documents! I am writing books, as well as creating games, learning tools and products to help everyone learn about the Founders and our Founding Documents. It is in those documents, as well as other writings of our Founders, that the basis for a limited government and individual liberty become clear. I further believe that we must teach ourselves and our children about the treasures, traditions, and exceptional nature of our country. These ideas are no longer taught in schools. Consequently, our national identity and pride in all that is good about America is not being passed on to the next generation. It has become my passion to teach others about this wonderful country, as well as to aid in the restoration of the United States of America to its roots as a true constitutional republic.

Should you refresh your memory about the Founding and our Founding Documents? Do you feel your education about the history of our country was inadequate or skewed to reflect a particular point of view? Do your children need to learn more than they are taught in school? Here are a few questions for your to consider:

* What do you remember from your primary and high school education about the Founding of the United States of America? Were you required to take a US History course in college? Are your children learning what you were taught or merely tidbits of information necessary to answer questions on standardized tests? Are they required to read primary sources, or do they rely upon their teachers and text books to interpret our history for them?
* Have your children been asked to completely read the  Declaration of Independence or the entire Constitution during the course of their education? When was the last time you read the Founding Documents of our nation? Can the two of you have a cogent discussion about the contents of these documents, as well as the principles contained within them?
* Did you know some educators think it is “controversial” to teach young Americans to be patriotic? Do your children recite the Pledge of Allegiance in school or even know the words to the “Star Spangled Banner?” Are your child proud to be a citizen of our great nation? Have they been taught about civic responsibility?
* Are there Thanksgiving celebrations at the public school your children attend? Do your children know when to celebrate Constitution Day, George Washington’s Birthday, or Flag Day? Have you or your children even heard of “Honoring America Days?” It is actually a part of the US Code! 

Although there are some teachers who go the extra mile to teach about this subject, US history receives limited attention in most classrooms. Please click on the “What Does Your Child Know About Thomas Jefferson” link in the left column to read about inspired me to focus on this subject. You can see all of my patriotic and politically oriented bingo games by clicking on the “Patriotic Bingo Games” tab on the top menu bar.   

Teach Your Child & Other Adults About These Important Principles With My Latest Bingo Gamel

Here’s a great game to play for both children and adults. You can use this game in the picture format by simply calling out what is listed on the card (e.g., “Every level of government must live within its means….just as must every citizen.”). Alternatively, you can use each calling card that you draw as an opportunity to discuss why that principle is important. It also includes quotations from the Founding Fathers, conservative theorists, and Ronald Reagan. Order the game with the title of Tea Party Principles or Conservative Principles. 

 Teach others about  limited government and other principles important to conservatives with this bingo game

Here’s My Newest Learning Tool

  Here’s a great way to learn more about your favorite Founder. It’s my Biographical Information Collection Tool! There are three different tools to match the appropriate learning level Download one for your favorite Founding Father for just 76 cents! 

Biographical Information Collection Tools from


Word Search Puzzles are fun learning tools. Search under the “American History Products” tab, and try one out for just 76 cents! 


Preamble to the United States Constitution Word Search Puzzle 13 Colonies Word Search and Spelling from


Download one of my  Primary Source Analysis Tools for as little as 76 cents to use with any of the documents on this site! 

Primary Source Tools from


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