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What Game or Teaching Tool About American History Should I Create Next?

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I‘m on a mission to help you teach your child about the Founding, First Principles, and Patriotism! While there are many wonderful and dedicated teachers across the country, it is unlikely that your child will receive the depth and breath of knowledge about the Founding and First Principles which has been previously taught in public schools. There simply are not enough instructional minutes in the day to cover all the required standards, and knowledge of US History is tested far less than math and language arts. Additionally, the content of what is taught, as well as how people and events are characterized, has changed dramatically over the past several decades. The Founders are often portrayed as flawed individuals who owned slaves. No one seems read Benjamin Franklin’s writings demanding an end to slavery.  The Founding Documents of our great country are glossed over, and students are often unable to articulate the important concepts and principles that serve as the cornerstones of our republic. What will happen to our country if our children do not understand the key points of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? Many schools and educators do not believe that it is their responsibility to teach students to be patriotic citizens, and some even feel that it is wrong to help children learn to love their country. When did patriotism become a dirty word? Much of what is taught in the course of the public school curriculum is focused on standardized test outcomes rather than helping students grasp what an amazing country we live in.

Here’s what I need from you: educate me about what type of products you need to help your children. There is a great deal of information available to help parents in this endeavor, but I feel much of it is unimaginative or, at the very least, uninspiring. I believe that parents understand how their children learn but often cannot find the tools they need to become the inspirational guides for the next generation of American citizens. So, let me help you!. If you cannot find teaching material on a particular topic, let me know. Do you have ideas about how to teach a particular topic or issue? I’d love to hear them! What should be the focus of my next bingo game? Would you like me to develop a project, flashcards, or a new game that is focused on a particular topic or theme? Is there a Founder who you would like your child to learn about indepth? Are there a number of Founding Documents or writings by the Founders that you would like me to tie together? Is there a particular patriotic theme that you would like me to address? Please leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments section of the bottom of this page*. If you would like your comments to remain private, please send me a message via the contact form in the upper menu.

As with the bingo games that I create on my site, there is no charge for creating a game or product. I am looking for inspiration, good ideas, and a path to move forward on my mission. In that all of the products on this site are available in downloadable form, they are priced so everyone can afford them.

Together we can educate the next generation of patriotic Americans! Thanks for your help!!


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