Biographical Data Collection Tools


Would you like your child to learn more information about one of the Founders? Would you like to deepen your own knowledge about a founder’s life? I have created three levels of information collection tools just for that purpose! Each worksheet contains both questions and a summative assessment exercise. Download one for each of your favorite Founding Fathers for only 76 cents each!

Level 1: This is a simple one page worksheet that is intended for elementary school children.

Level 2: This two page worksheet may be used by children in the upper elementary grades or middle school.

Level 3: This two page tool contains more than 50 questions and assessment exercises intended to guide those who thirst to know more about a particular founder. It may be used by those in high school, college, adult learners.

Click on the Founder’s name to be taken to the page where you can add his or her biography collection tool to your shopping cart:

Benjamin Franklin

Samuel Adams

John Adams

George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

James Madison

Generic Biographical Collection Tool

If you would like one of these tools created for a particular Founding Father or other notable person of the founding period, please send me a note via the contact page!

 Please help me add to the information that I have on this site by posting what you have learned on the page of the person you have studied!  I would also love to learn about websites where I can collect more information.