Concerning non-Importation and a General Convention (1774)

Boston Burns as Quebec is untouched (1775)

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To the Counties of Virginia,
Concerning non-Importation and a General Convention.

May 30, 1774

At a Meeting of 25 of the late Representatives legally assembled by the Moderator, it was agreed

That Letters be wrote to all our Sister Colonies, acknowledging the Receipt of the Letters and Resolves from Boston &c. informing them, that before the same came to hand, the Virginia Assembly had been unexpectedly dissolved, and most of the Members returned to their respective Counties.

That it is the Opinion of all the late House of Burgesses who could be convened on the present Occasion, that the Colony of Virginia will concur with the other Colonies in such Measures as shall be judged most effectual for the Preservation of the Common Rights and Liberty of British America that they are of Opinion particularly that an Association against Importation will probably be entered into, as soon as the late Representatives can be collected, and perhaps against Exportations also after a certain Time. But that this must not be considered as an Engagement on the part of this Colony, which it would be presumption in us to enter into, and that we are sending Dispatches to call together the late Representatives to meet at Williamsburg on the first Day of August next to conclude finally on these important Questions.

30th May, 1774

Peyton Randolph, Moderator.
Ro. C. Nicholas
Edmd Pendleton
Will: Harwood
Richd. Adams
Thom Whiting
Henry Lee
Lemuel Riddick

Th: Jefferson
Mann Page Junr.
Charles Carter Senr.
Jas. Mercer
R Wormeley Carter
Go: Washington
Francis Lightfoot Lee
Thos Nelson jr.
R Rutherfor