Resources for Parent Educators


 This is an amazing video I found on Youtube on the channel of the “Last Best Hope on Earth.” Please share it with your children. They will not hear this speech or see these images in the classroom.

Resources for Parent Educators

It has become my passion to teach my children about America’s Founding Documents, and what it means to take an active role as a citizen of the United States. It is also an opportunity to help them further understand the conservative principles which I greatly value. Will you seize this opportunity as well?

It has been repeated ad nauseam in parenting books that children are likely to replicate the behavior that parents model for them. Endless public service announcements have encouraged parents to read, exercise, eat correctly, and not smoke in front of their children. Yet, I don’t recall seeing similar messages that advocate talking to your children about any of the following:

  1. Our Founding Documents;
  2. Civic responsibility;
  3. The concepts of individual liberty, freedom, and the American dream;

Or modeling behavior such as:

  1. Voting in each election;
  2. Attending meetings related to a school or governing body;
  3. Emailing elected officials about how they should vote on a particular issue;

As a conservative, I might add the following topics:

  1. Why the Founders established a limited federal government in the Constitution;
  2. What powers each branch of government was actually given in the Constitution;
  3. The importance of living within our means, and all levels of government functioning within a balanced budget;
  4. The opportunities that America offers which are not found elsewhere in the world;
  5. The importance of personal responsibility and self-reliance;
  6. Oh, this list could go on and on, couldn’t it?

The point is that each and every parent who holds conservative values has an obligation to teach his or her children about the Founding Documents, conservative principles, and the amazing country in which we live. I challenge all conservatives to seize the opportunity to become their child(ren)’s best and brightest teacher of US History, civic responsibility, and American Patriotism. The public school system will not do this. There are no public service announcements forthcoming. Much of what your child(ren) learn in school and through the media about America’s past is negative, and some schools no longer promote patriotism at all. Let’s hit the ground running in this endeavor together. Let me know how I can help!

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