US History In Our Schools


The following are links to information, articles, test scores, and other information that have shaped my views about how the subject of US history is taught in our schools. 


Past Curriculum, State Standards, and Test Scores

Please review your own state’s standards for social science/U.S. history

The Nation’s Report Card:

          National Center for Education Statistics US History 2010

Thomas B Fordham Institute’s:

           The State of State U.S. History Standards 2011

          Effective State Standards for U.S. History: A 2003 Report Card

Why Knowledge of US History and Patriotism is Important

            E Pluribus Unum: The Bradley Project on America’s National Identity 

           Ronald Reagan’s Farewell Address

          Diane Ravitch’s Should We Teach Patriotism

Common Core Standards

            Common Core Standards

Content Standards Regarding History/Social Sciences



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AP US History             

 AP US History Sample Questions and Scoring Guidelines


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