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Charles Carroll of Carrollton, a Catholic of Irish decent, was the longest surviving signer of the Declaration at the time of his death in 1832. At may have been the wealthiest person in the colonies when he signed the Declaration.  Carroll was trained in France as both an academic and a lawyer. Although there Catholics were prohibited from holding office or voting, Carroll became actively involved in the struggle for independence. He served on the Maryland Committee of Safety, Maryland Provincial Congress, Board of War, and was the first Senator from Maryland.  He wrote a series of letters published under the pseudonym of “First Citizen” in response to Daniel Dulany in the Maryland Gazetter. Mr. Dulany’s pseudonym was “Antilon.”

First Citizen Letters in the Maryland Gazette:

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Charles Carroll as featured in the Catholic Total Abstinence Fountain in Fairmount Park, PA. Scupted by Herman Kim in 1876