Elbridge Gerry



Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Refused to sign the Constitution

Participated in debates about the Bill of Rights

Governor of Massachusetts

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Primary Sources and Other Information

File:Elbridge Gerry signature.png

The following is a cartoon, the “Gerry-Mander”, that decried the Massachusetts legislature’s attempts to give incumbents from the Democratic-Republic party candidates (including Governor Elbridge Gerry) an edge in the 1812 elections. Thus coining the term “gerry-mandering”


File:The Gerry-Mander.png


Elbridge Gerry’s opinion of slavery is mentioned in Senator Sumner’s speech to repeal the Fugitive Slave Bill in 1852

Elbridge Gerry’s attempt to limit representation from new states is dealt with in the Supreme Court decision WESBERRY  v.  SANDERS