US Capitol Building


US Capitol Building on

Thomas Jefferson’s Written Instructions for Capitol Contest

Jefferson Ad For Capitol Contest

Ad for Capitol Design Contest

Capitol Design Contest Newspaper Ad Written by Thomas Jefferson 

Other Enteries in the Capitol Design Contest

Charles Witherspoon

 Capitol Design Contest Entry by Charles Wintersmith

James Diamond: “Section of the back Front on the Court Side,” and “Back Front or Flank, to Plan No. 1 for a Capitol,”

Capitol Design Contest Entry by James Diamond

James Diamond (2) – “An Elevation for a Capitol,”

Capitol Design Contest Entry for the top of the Capitol by James Diamond

Drawing Given to Thomas Jefferson by Stephen Hallet Before Contest Began

Stephen Hallet's Propossed Capitol Buiding (Created Before Design Contest) 

Legislative Chamber Design by Stephen Hallet

Stephen Hallet's Design of Legislative Chambers


Stephen Hallet’s Floor Plan Which Was Used to Build the Capitol Building

Stephen Hallet's Design that was used to build the Capitol Building[

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