Dry Tortugas


Fort-Jefferson Dry Tortugas National Park

Fort Jefferson

Image of the Dry Tortugus area from NASA

Dry Tortugus photos taken by NASA

NOAA Image of Fort Jefferson

Dry Tortugus_NOAA_Photo_Library

Light House on Garden Key Light


One of the 2000 arches in Fort Jefferson

Dry_Tortugas_National_Fort Jefferson Interior 4

Walls of Fort Jefferson that hold cisterns for fresh water system. 

Fort Jefferson Interior - Cisterns for fresh water system are located in these walls.

Exterior walls of Fort Jefferson


Exterior view of Fort Jefferson

School of Squid in the reefs of Dry Tortugas

Squid_school in reefs Dry Tortugas

Submerged Artifact

Submerged artifact at Dry Tortugas