May 032016
May 3, 2016 Dr Susan Rempel Show

5/3 Show FDA’s 35M LGBT Anti-Smoking Program, Bill’s New Job, Iran says Stay Out @sentomcotton: As for you @PressSec , you’re right, I don’t know much about sparkling water. It isn’t served in Army, unlike in your ritzy West Wing. Bill’s New Job: Iran says Stay Out!  

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Apr 292016
April 29, 2016 Dr Susan Rempel Show

4/29 Dr. Susan Rempel Show Podcast on Soundcloud: 4/29 Show: Milenials Reject Capitalism? 18K at Trump Rally Boener: Cruz is Lucifer in the flesh Millenial Study: White House and Google: Congressional Honorarians from Corporations:                

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Apr 272016
April 27, 2016 Dr Susan Rempel Show

4/28 Show: Trump slams Hillary, Obamacare Premiums Up, SCOTUS protects Free Speech, Pro Gun Rights Legislation Covered California Drops Pregnant Woman: Firearm Protection Act Text:   Washington, D.C. —  Congressman Tom Emmer (MN-06) yesterday introduced H.R. 4980, the Firearm Due Process Protection Act. This legislation would ensure that Americans are able to correct false information that causes the

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Apr 262016
April 26, 2016 Dr. Susan Rempel Show

4/26 Show:CA’s 7 NEW GUN Laws, Hillary & Guns,  Boycott Target, Min Wage Layoffs, Sign the Boycott Target Petition:  Become a Life Member NRA: 7 new CA gun laws:   Hillary & Skeet Shooting: 1:5 families have NO ONE WORKING:  

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Apr 252016
April 25, 2016 Dr. Susan Rempel Show

4/25 Dr. Show: TRIGGER WARNING, Boycott Targetr, Hillary & #2A #BoycottTarget Sign the Petition: … ] Kinder Trump? Donald J Trump’s Letter:   Hillary Clinton & Guns in CN:

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