Patriotic Symbols, Songs, and Images


Patriotic Symbols, Songs, and Images

One of the ways in which I hope to promote patriotism on is by showcasing individuals. groups, and organizations that  exemplify the word “patriot” and “patriotic”. defines a patriot as: “a person who loves, supports, anddefends his or her country and itsinterests with devotion.”

There are people who are patriots! Do you know someone who is a patriot? It might be a person who serves our country, promotes or carries on the traditions of our country,  helps children learn about our country, or otherwise helps American to remain the Shining City on the Hill?

There are website, businesses, and organizations that promote patriotism as well. They are filled with patriotic ideas, stories, information, and suggestions that encourage our country to be that Shining City on the Hill. Tell me where people can go to find these websites and businesses. Do you own one of them? Do you have a charity that is There’s no shame in promoting yourself or your business. Send me information, so I can share it with others. Are you holding a patriotic event? I’ll pass it along to the visitors of this site!

Of course, our country abounds with patriotic places. In fact, too many to mention. Which one is your favorite? Can you send me some interesting information about it

Please send me information about this person, website,charity, or place  (including a picture if you have it) to If I concur with your description, and the individual or business consents to a small pat on the back, I’ll feature them in my promoting patriotism project blog on my website! Read and subscribe to the blog here,




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