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It’s here! Everyone’s Guide to the Constitution. Our Founding Document Outlined and Described so You Can: Read it, Understand it, and Teach it to Others!

 It is with great joy that I can now offer you my first book. I was inspired to write this because of comments I received from so many of you. If you have not read the Constitution for some time, it can be a bit daunting to dive into the document. I have taken each section and briefly summarized it before listing the actual text. After you read the words of the Constitution, the section is broken down into outline form. I have also defined or explained terms that might be unfamiliar or may have changed since the document was written. One of my favorite illustrations of how terms and words have changed is the use of the word “dollar” in the Constitution. In the 7th Amendment for example, if the legal controversy exceeds 20 dollars, the right to a jury trial is preserved. Of course, dollars as we know them did not exist when the Constitution was written. The dollars that were referenced were actually Spanish dollars, or pieces of eight, that were commonly used in international trading in the late 1700’s. By the time you finish reading the book, you will have a much better understanding of what laws, rights, and principles are included in the Constitution.

 For those of you who are familiar with the Constitution, this text can be used a bit differently. I have highlighted often referenced clauses within the document. I have also noted how the Constitution, in its original form, has been changed by the Amendments. When you hear or read a discussion of the Commerce Clause or the Full Faith and Credit Clause, this text will let you read the clause for yourself in both text and outline form.

 Everyone’s Guide to the Constitution is also wonderful teaching tool. It can be used by parents who homeschool their children, or by those who feel that their children have not received adequate instruction about the Constitution in the classroom. You might be surprised to learn how few children are actually required to read the entire Constitution as a part of the curriculum at the elementary, middle, or even high school level. Sadly the days of in which high school students were required to pass a “Constitution Test” in order to graduate have long since passed. If your high school or middle school student is learning about the Constitution in school, this text can be used as a supplemental tool. My high school aged children, who are in the ninth and eleventh grades, were easily able to read the text of this book and discuss it with me as well. If you have an elementary school age child, I can tell you that I have gone over several of the outlines with my 5th grader. She easily understood them, and we had a wonderful conversation about several of the rights guaranteed to us in the first 10 Amendments.

 My hope is that this book will inspire many of you to read the Constitution for the first time, as well as serve as a resource tool for those of you who are more familiar with the document. I especially hope this book will enable you to deepen your child’s education, regardless of his or her age, about our most magnificent Founding Document. This text can be helpful to just about any citizen who believes that America is an exceptional nation, and that we all must educate ourselves and our children about our Founding Documents. That is why I entitled the text Everyone’s Guide to the Constitution!

To order the Kindle version for $3.76 on Amazon visit:

Everyone’s Guide to the Constitution. Our Founding Document Outlined and Described so You Can: Read it, Understand it, and Teach it to Others!

To download the printable version for $7.76, which includes a copy of the Constitution in its original form, on visit:

Thank you so much for inspiring me to write this book! An informed and educated citizenry will help us retain What Is Right With America!


Susan C. Rempel, Ph.D.


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