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“A gentleman had left Baltimore, in a flag of truce for the purpose of getting released from the British fleet a friend of his who had been captured at Marlborough. He went as far as the mouth of the Patuxent, and was not permitted to return lest the intended attack on Baltimore should be disclosed. He was, therefore, brought up the bay to the mouth of the Patapsco, where the flag vessel was kept under the guns of a frigate, and he was compelled to witness the bombardment of Fort M’Henry, which the Admiral had boasted he would carry in a few hours, and that the city must fall. He watched the flag at the fort through the whole day with an anxiety that can be better felt than described, until the night prevented him from seeing it. In the night he watched the bomb-shells, and at early dawn his eye was again greeted by the proudly-waving flag of his country.” From the Analectic Magazine.

The gentleman referred to in the excerpt was Francis Scott Key. The song that was created after witnessing the bombardment of Fort M’Henry was The Star Spangled Banner. The attached image is of the actual flag that flew over the fort.

Consider for a moment what it must have been like to watch the British forces attack the fort. Challenge yourself to create your own patriotic song or poem. Celebrating our Stars and Stripes is What IS Right With America.

Susan C. Rempel, Ph.D. – Everyone’s Guide to the Constitution:


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