Dec 102013

As you enjoy the warmth and comforts found in your home or workplace on this winter’s day, consider the plight of many soldiers in the Continental Army.

During the winter of 1778, the solider who served under George Washington continually sacrificed so that they, their fellow colonists, and Americans to this day might enjoy freedom. As Chief Justice John Marshall once wrote: “At no period of the war had the American army been reduced to a situation of greater peril than during the winter at Valley Forge. More than once they were absolutely without food. Even while their condition was less desperate in this respect, their stock of provisions was so scanty that there was seldom at any time in the stores a quantity sufficient for the use of the troops for a week. The returns on the first of February exhibit the astonishing number of three thousand nine hundred and eighty-nine men in camp unfit for duty for want of clothes. Of this number, scarcely a man had a pair of shoes. Although the total of the army exceeded seventeen thousand men, the present effective rank and file amounted to only five thousand and twelve.”

Please take a moment to be thankful for those brave soldiers who suffered bravely so long ago. The strength of character found within those who have sacrificed for our country, then and now, exemplify What IS Right With America!

Susan C. Rempel, Ph.D.
Everyone’s Guide to the Constitution:


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