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“Our goal must be an open society in which hope is nourished and effort rewarded, where the promise of tomorrow is found in opportunity today. The entrepreneurial genius of the American people transformed a continent covered by wilderness into the leading industrial power in the world today.

We in government should learn to look at our country with the eyes of the entrepreneur, seeing possibilities where others see only problems. That way, instead of the unemployed, we’d see a resource of potential workers waiting to add their labors, their ingenuity, their creativity to an expanding marketplace. And instead of ghettos, we’d see potential enterprise zones, where increased incentives to work and invest could produce a renaissance of business activity and community involvement.” Ronald Reagan January 26, 1985

Ronald Reagan was a truly inspirational speaker, and reading his words can provide motivation even today. The above listed except is from his first radio address after his second inauguration. Entitled “Radio Address to the Nation on Economic Growth,” Reagan began the speech with the quip: “This is my first radio talk since last November’s election, and I’m glad to be back. There was some question if this show would be continued, but I guess the ratings were pretty good, so they took up my option.” Although you would not know it from his remarks, Reagan was re-elected in an electoral college tsunami. He went on to note that in the month prior to the speech, 340,000 new jobs were created and more people were employed in our nation than ever before. Regan concluded his address by saying: “We must ask of ourselves only the best. We must challenge ourselves to hurdle the accepted limits of the past, to draw a new map of possibilities, and give new meaning to the word ‘success.’ Isn’t that, after all, what it means to be Americans?”

Please take a moment to consider what a different message we now hear from present day elected officials. What could America be “transformed” into if we were challenged to focus on possibilities rather than problems? What if every American was inspired to maximize his or her own potential in search of the American Dream? If we do not hear this message from our leaders, we must foster it within ourselves. The “can do” spirit which has driven American entrepreneurialism since the Founding is What IS Right With America!

Susan C. Rempel, Ph.D.
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