Jan 292013

On January 25, 1776 Henry Knox’s Noble Train of Artillery arrived in Cambridge Massachusetts. Henry Knox, a 25 year old Boston bookseller turned George Washington’s Chief of Artillery, was sent to retrieve weapons captured at Fort Ticonderoga by Ethan Allen, Benedict Arnold, and the Green Mountain Boys of Vermont In November, 1775.

Knox brought back 60 tons of mortars, howitzers, and cannons including several “Big Bertha” canons which weighed more than 5000 pounds. Knox, and his men, built 42 sleds which were pulled by 80 oxen. On January 25, John Adams observed the “noble train of artillery” pass through Framingham, Massachusetts, and it arrived outside of Boston on January 27. The route that was traveled is now known as the Henry Knox Trail.

Placement of the cannons which Knox delivered to Washington was recognized as the threat of force necessary to prompt the British to evacuate Boston. Congress did not reimburse funds that Knox personally contributed to the expedition for more than 3 years. Following the war, Knox became Washington’s first Secretary of War.


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