May 132013

If you have a bit of extra time, visit the Museum of the American Revolution’s website. The Museum is currently under construction and expects to open in 2016. The museum and ColonialWilliamsburg are currently collaborating on a fascinating restoration project. They are replicating the field headquarters used by George Washington during the American Revolution! Although a building was constructed to house the General at Valley Forge, he also traveled with the Continental Army troops. He both slept and conducted the business of directing the army in a tent sometimes known as a marquee. The attached image is of a 1910 postcard which depicts the marquee used by Washington. 

Read about the project from the Museum’s website here: 

A press release from the Colonial Williamsburg site is available here:

The Museum of the American Revolution will be home to such treasures as Patrick Henry’s Law Books, the copy of the Liberty Bell given to the US by Britain celebration of our Bicentennial in 1976, and the cups used by George Washington at Valley Forge. It is already a wonderful online resource that I have decided to support: You can also support the Museum of the American Revolution as well here:

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Susan C. Rempel, Ph.D.


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